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The Best 000 Guitar: A Simple Guide (2022 Edition)

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If you’re looking for recommendations of the best 000 guitar, you’ve come to the right post!

000 Guitars: What Are They?

Most of today’s traditional acoustic guitar models are based on old C.F. Martin & Company concepts. This also goes for all 000 guitars.

These days, Martin usually manufactures 000 acoustic guitars. So you’ll rarely find another brand with this particular design.

Also known as Auditorium, 000 guitars come with slightly smaller bodies. For the most part, their bodies are slightly over 19 inches long. The depth is about 4.1 inches and the lower bout width is usually 15 inches. However, there might be some minor variations to these dimensions.

000 guitars also come with a scale length of 24.9 inches, which is slightly shorter than the standard 25.5 inches.

It’s also worth noting that OM, or Orchestra Model, guitars are very similar to 000. The only difference is the scale length, which measures 25.5 inches with OM guitars. This is why some consider OM guitars to be a subtype of 000 models.

The Best 000 Guitars

Martin 000-28 Modern Deluxe

The 000-28 Modern Deluxe is one of Martin’s highest-valued models. This instrument comes with a Sitka spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides. Of course, we’re looking at an all-solid wood construction.

There’s also a mahogany neck featuring an ultra-thin profile. Plus, there’s a deliberate asymmetrical design that enhances its ergonomic features. On top of it is an ebony fretboard with 20 frets. All of the frets went through the special Plek treatment. 

The instrument’s visual features are enhanced with European flamed maple bindings. There’s also an incredible soundhole rosette, further intensifying its looks.

I could go on about the 000-28 model. But suffice it to say that this is one of the best acoustic guitars on the market for its price. 

Martin 000-15M

The Martin 000-15M model is a bit of a different deal. Here we’re looking at an all-mahogany body and a mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard. Such a combination of materials brings a warmer and smoother tone.

Mahogany usually finds its use as for back and sides on acoustic guitars. However, with an all-mahogany body, you’ll notice a softer attack. At the same time, the instrument keeps its projection and resonance. In my opinion, there’s some spaciousness in the tone.

This makes it a great choice for open chords or general rhythm playing. On the other hand, it can also be a great lead instrument if you prefer softer tones. The bracing is also in the vein of regular Martin guitars, which further enhances its tone.

Although without extravagant visual traits, 000-15M is still a stunning instrument. The purple-ish dark brown shade of mahogany makes this one a pretty-looking guitar.

Martin 000Jr-10

The 000Jr-10 is a smaller-sized variant of the 000 design. Maybe some would not categorize it as one. However, it has these main traits, only in a smaller package.

We’re looking at a more beginner-friendly guitar. It’s got a shorter scale length of only 24 inches. The body also has smaller dimensions. Some even refer to it as Mini Auditorium.

The top is your regular solid Sitka spruce. Meanwhile, the back and sides are Sapele. On the body, we can also find a richlite bridge.

Despite its smaller size, the instrument can still pack a punch. Maybe slightly brighter in its output, it sounds incredible and it feels great. Although a cheaper one and intended as a student model, it’s still a pretty cool guitar.

Martin 000-X2E

Martin’s 000-X2E is another one of their cheaper variants. But although within this category, the model retains some of the qualities of higher-end instruments.

What’s more, Martin doesn’t even specify the wood for its back, sides, neck, and fretboard. But this won’t ever stop me from loving this model. At its price, there aren’t that many guitars that could compare.

It plays great, it looks great, and you even have Fishman MX electronics. What more could you ask for?

Webber 000

Now, Webber 000 is far from a common model. In fact, you’ll have a hard time finding one out there. However, I’d say that it’s worth every single penny. Builder David Webber does some occasional orders. But to get the 000 model, you’ll need to dig deeper.

This one comes with the 12-fret design, meaning that the body meets the fretboard at the 12th fret. It has a regular long scale of 25.5 inches. These also usually came with spruce tops and mahogany back and sides.

But David Webber made them according to custom specs. So you can find a lot of variations to it. Nonetheless, whichever you find, I’m sure it will be more than great.

Fender PM-3 Standard

Now going over to Fender, they also have a 000-style model. We’re looking at their PM-3 Standard. This is one of their relatively cheaper models manufactured overseas.

We’re looking at the 000 design with a cutaway. It’s an all-purpose guitar with some surprising features. Firstly, it looks pretty awesome, sporting attractive binding on body edges and fretboard. We even have vintage-style tuning machines on it.

Then there’s also an onboard preamp with a piezo pickup. Within this system, we also have a digital tuner. It’s the PM system designed together by Fender and Fishman.

The entire instrument is made out of solid wood. There’s a Sitka spruce top, rosewood back and sides, and a mahogany neck with an ovangkol fretboard.

If you don’t know what kind of a 000 guitar to get, this is a safe bet. You can’t go wrong with it. 

Eastman E6OM-TC

Another one that I’d like to mention is Eastman’s E6OM-TC. It comes with all the basic 000 dimensions, including the slightly shorter scale length.

Sitka spruce top is accompanied by solid mahogany back and sides. On the inside, we can find hand-carved scalloped X-shape bracing. Along with that, we have a mahogany neck and an ebony fretboard.

We’re looking at a pro-tier guitar. At the same time, the features are pretty straightforward. You get a great instrument without any extravagant visual traits. And its balanced tone works perfectly for almost any genre.  


I hope this article has helped you think through these guitars and which might be best for you!

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