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Singing and Playing Behind the Beat: What Does It Mean?

If you’re curious about singing and playing behind the beat and what this means exactly, you’ve come to the right post! The Groove: Most Important Thing That Music Schools Won’t Teach You Before we get into the matter, it’s important to explain what the groove is. You’ve most likely heard

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Ventura Guitar Review: 2022 Edition

If you’re looking for a Ventura guitar review or are wanting to learn more about this rare guitar brand, you’ve come to the right post! Ventura Guitar Review: Background I wouldn’t say that they’re completely shrouded in mystery. But there are certainly some things that we don’t know about Ventura

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Sweet Child O’ Mine Amp Settings: 2022 Edition

If you want to know the best Sweet Child O’ Mine amp settings to get the awesome sound that Guns N’ Roses had on this song, you’ve come to the right post! The Song It may be overplayed at this point. However, Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child o’ Mine” is

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La Bella Strings Review: 2022 Edition

If you’re looking for a La Bella strings review, this post is for you! La Bella Strings Background La Bella takes us back to 17th century Italy. The Mari family was one of the best manufacturers of violin strings at the time. In the 20th century, Olinto and Emilio, direct

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Luna Guitar Review: Are They Worth It? [2022 Edition]

If you’re looking for a Luna guitar review, you’ve come to the right post! Luna Guitar Review: Background Luna is one of those guitar brands that you don’t see that often. However, it seems that it’s slowly growing. While not completely mainstream, the instrument prices sure attract some attention. Most

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