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Welcome to our deep dive into the interesting world of the FLCL guitar!

If you’re a fan of the trailblazing anime series FLCL – Furi Kuri (in English Fooly Cooly), you’re undoubtedly already familiar with its eccentric and intriguing character, Haruko Haruhara.

Haruko’s distinctive left-handed blue guitar is not only a strong weapon in her magical adventures, but it has also become a symbolic aspect of the series, winning the hearts of music and anime fans alike.

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The Rickenbacker 4001

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This iconic bass guitar has been a darling of the music industry for decades, and we’re here to explore its rich history, unique features, and why it’s become synonymous with the FLCL guitar.

The Rickenbacker 4001 was initially introduced in 1961 and rapidly became a favorite among musicians.

It’s an electric bass guitar with a distinctive design created by Rickenbacker International Corporation’s creative geniuses.

Many renowned performers have used this vintage instrument, including Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee, and Chris Squire, to name a few.

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Rickenbacker 4001 as the FLCL Guitar

But what distinguishes this guitar as the FLCL guitar?

The Rickenbacker 4001 achieved notoriety in anime when it was seen in the hands of Haruko Haruhara, a character from the legendary series FLCL (Fooly Cooly).

The Rickenbacker 4001 is not your average bass guitar.

Its popularity and status as the FLCL guitar can be attributed to various factors.

First and foremost, it features a unique body shape, the “cresting wave,” that sets it apart from other guitars.

Another standout feature of the Rickenbacker 4001 is its dual truss rod system.

This innovative addition allows for more precise adjustments to the neck, ensuring optimal playability and a more stable instrument overall.

It’s one of the reasons why musicians have been drawn to this guitar for decades.

The sound of the Rickenbacker 4001 is yet another factor contributing to its lasting appeal.

With its signature “Ric-O-Sound” stereo output, the 4001 delivers a bright, crisp tone that cuts through the mix.

This distinctive sound has become a favorite among bassists seeking to make their mark in the music world.

Rickenbacker 4001 (1972) Rick-o-Sound stereo experiment

The FLCL Guitar Design

The memorable FLCL guitar captures the spirit of the anime series and Haruko.

The striking design of this instrument, influenced by both the show and Haruko’s character, is a visual experience that fans seem to appreciate.

At first glance, the FLCL guitar has a lovely bright blue hue.

This electrifying shade draws attention and produces a sense of energy and vibrancy, reflecting Haruko’s vivacious nature.

Its hue isn’t the only feature that distinguishes it.

The form of the guitar, based on the Rickenbacker 4001 bass, gives an extra element of interest to its design.

The FLCL guitar’s sleek, streamlined shape reinforces Haruko’s nonconformist attitude.

A variety of sources inspire the design of the FLCL guitar.

On the one hand, rock music inspires it, as the Rickenbacker 4001 bass symbolizes style and uniqueness.

On the other hand, the guitar is a visual extension of Haruko’s personality, with its design representing her distinct attitude.

The FLCL guitar, with its eye-catching hue and amusing embellishments, is proof of the power of well-thought-out design.

The Intricate Role of the FLCL Guitar: Blending Music and Mayhem

FLCL- Official English Clip - Haruko arrives with a BANG! on DVD & BD 2.22.11

To appreciate the FLCL guitar sound, we must first comprehend its position in the anime series.

The plot centers around Naota, a little boy whose life is strange until he meets Haruko, a mysterious extraterrestrial investigator.

Haruko holds a Rickenbacker 4001 bass guitar, which she employs as both a weapon and a musical instrument.

This versatile and fashionable guitar is key to the show’s famous moments and musical performances.

The FLCL guitar’s unusual tone is a combination of numerous aspects that set it apart.

The FLCL guitar sound is fascinating, from its warm, round bass tones to its gritty overdrive.

The Pillows and the FLCL Guitar – A Match Made in Indie Rock Heaven

The Pillows, the group responsible for the FLCL anime series’ soundtrack, skillfully blends the sound of the FLCL guitar into the show’s soundtrack, underscoring the guitar’s significance to the tale and the characters.

You can learn more about The Pillow’s songs used in the FLCL anime by clicking here.

The dreamy and fuzzy indie rock sound of The Pillows perfectly matches the odd, chaotic atmosphere of the show and has become synonymous with FLCL.

One of the most iconic FLCL guitar moments is in episode 6, which is the final episode with the song “I Think I Can.”

Check out the final season’s story from one anime fan’s blog.

Sonic Versatility of FLCL Guitar

The FLCL guitar makes a variety of sounds throughout the anime, demonstrating its versatility.

In the action scenes, as Haruko fights off adversaries, the guitar delivers loud, distorted chords that convey a sense of urgency and turmoil to the visuals.

The FLCL guitar sound is an essential aspect of the anime series, brilliantly complementing the show’s unique plot and graphics.

The FLCL guitar sound is definitely distinct and compelling, from its warm bass tones to its gritty overdrive.

Haruko’s usage of the guitar in various scenarios demonstrates its versatility.

The FLCL guitar sound is a sonic treat worth investigating whether you’re an anime lover or a musician looking for inspiration.

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Why Did They Choose The FLCL Guitar As Haruko’s Weapon?

While the precise rationale behind the FLCL anime creators’ decision to select the Rickenbacker 4001 as Haruko’s primary tool remains unknown, we can theorize a few potential motives:

Visual Appeal

The Rickenbacker 4001 boasts an impressive aesthetic, characterized by a one-of-a-kind design that distinguishes it from other bass guitars.

Its elegant body shape, captivating contours, and prominent headstock make it a fitting instrument for the enigmatic character of Haruko.

Legendary Reputation

The Rickenbacker 4001 enjoys legendary status in the music realm, with icons like Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee, and Chris Squire among its players.

The choice to use this specific guitar as Haruko’s weapon might be an homage to its esteemed history and musical lineage.

Unique Audio Quality

As previously mentioned, the Rickenbacker 4001 produces a sound unlike that of other bass guitars.

Its warm, full-bodied bass notes and assertive mid-range complement the series’ eclectic soundtrack, which features a blend of indie rock, punk, and avant-garde music styles.

The creators might have chosen the FLCL guitar’s signature sound to mirror the anime’s unconventional and unpredictable spirit.

Symbolic Significance

Guitars, particularly electric ones, often represent youth, defiance, and liberation – all of which are recurring themes in FLCL.

Haruko wielding the Rickenbacker 4001 as a weapon might symbolize the transformative power of music and its capacity to overcome obstacles, much like the guitar’s ability to shatter physical objects in the anime.

FLCL Guitar: A Harmonious Conclusion to an Artistic Adventure

I hope this article has helped you learn more about the FLCL guitar!

If you have any questions about this instrument, let me know in the comments below!

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