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For more than 20 years, Daisy Rock Guitars has produced popular instruments, including the Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar.

They stand out because they are dedicated to making guitars for girls and women.

Their goal is to inspire more female guitarists to follow their musical passions.

And the Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar is one of their most notable models.

Its guitar’s heart-shaped body and eye-catching color options make it really stand out.

Also, it has a pretty good sound quality for the price.

But the significance of this guitar goes beyond its aesthetics and sound.

It represents a shift in the music industry, recognizing that women comprise about 50% of new guitarists!

With its unique design and solid quality, the Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar helps encourage the growing demographic of female guitarists to express themselves through music.

Unfortunately, the Heartbreaker Guitar is no longer available for purchase in 2023, which suggests that the company may have discontinued it or the product was on a limited-time edition.

On the bright side, you can find plenty of pre-loved Heartbreaker Guitars on eBay.

The Story of The Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar

There’s more to this guitar than just its looks.

In this post, we’ll explore the history of the Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar, the inspiration behind its design, and the features that make it a popular choice for female musicians.

Empowering Female Musicians

The Daisy Rock Guitar Company was founded in 2000 by Tish Ciravolo, a mother and musician who noticed a need for more options for female guitar players.

She decided to take matters into her own hands and create the Daisy Rock brand.

The Heartbreaker Guitar was one of the first designs produced by the company and quickly became a hit.

Small Hands Rejoice: Daisy Rock’s Slim Neck Guitar

One of the Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar’s standout features is its ‘Slim & Narrow’ neck, which makes it easier for smaller hands to play.

It also has a built-in preamp and tuner, which saves time and hassle during performances or recording sessions.

The guitar is available in various colors, from classic black to bright pink.

More About Its Heart-Shaped Design

But let’s take a closer look at the design of this guitar.

First and foremost, its heart-shaped body is the most distinctive feature of this instrument.

The design is not just for show, either – the shape of the guitar makes it easier to hold and play, especially for younger or smaller musicians.

It’s also a comfortable guitar to play while sitting down, as the heart shape naturally sits on your leg without sliding around.

And although marketed to a younger audience, their heart shape provides the added benefit of not getting in the way of an adult player’s chest (which can be a common problem for adult female players of guitars with standard shapes).

Another thing to note about the design is that it’s lightweight.

This is an excellent feature for musicians who play for long periods, as it reduces strain on the arms and shoulders.

The guitar is also relatively compact, making it easy to transport to gigs or practice sessions.

But what about the colors and finishes available for the Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar?

There are plenty of options.

The guitar comes in various colors, including Pink Heart, Princess Purple, Red Hot Red, and Black Heart.

There are also different finishes available, such as sparkly or matte.

The design of the Heartbreaker Guitar is fun and stylish.

Check out Weird and Wired as this guy sets up and plays a demo of the Heartbreaker guitar (The Artist):

Daisy Rock 'Heartbreaker' Guitar - Setup & Playing Demo

Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar: Specifications

There are many things to consider when finding the ideal guitar for you and your situation.

Let’s dive into the specifications of the Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar – The Debutante and The Artist, including the materials used in their construction, electronics, and hardware.

The Debutante

First up, let’s take a look at The Debutante.

This guitar has a shorter scale length (22 1/2″ scale length) and a slimmer neck profile.

The Debutante and The Artist have a body of lightweight Basswood with a bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fingerboard.

The Debutante and The Artist also feature a pair of Daisy Rock humbucking Duncan pickups, a tune-o-matic bridge, and a stop tail bar with chrome hardware.

The Artist

Moving on to The Artist, this guitar is designed with the standard scale (24 3/4″ scale length) for adults or more experienced players who want a professional-grade instrument.

The guitar features a mahogany body, a bolt-on maple lipstick design neck, and a rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets and pearloid heart inlays.

Regarding electronics, The Debutante and The Artist feature Daisy Rock humbucker pickups.

The Debutante and The Artist both have a three-way pickup selector switch, allowing for more tonal options.

And both guitars also have master volume and tone controls.

Regarding hardware, both guitars feature tune-o-matic bridges and a stop tail bar, which helps improve sustain and intonation.

The Debutante has chrome hardware, while The Artist has gold hardware, which gives it a slightly different look.

The Debutante and The Artist models are both great options for players looking for a higher-quality instrument with this guitar’s very unique design.

Heartbreaker Guitars – The Debutante and The Artist (photo courtesy of Mad Cats and Clouds)

Design for Ease of Use

As mentioned above, one of this guitar’s standout features is its neck profile.

It has a slim, comfortable C-shaped neck, great for players with smaller hands.

The scale length is also shorter than a standard guitar, at 22 1/2 inches.

This makes it easier to reach all the frets without straining your fingers.

And the fretboard material is rosewood.

The guitar has 22 medium frets, which are easy to navigate.

Overall, the playability of the Heartbreaker Guitar seems strong.

Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar Features & Benefits

When choosing a guitar, the sound is one of the most critical factors.

And this guitar is designed to produce a good sound for its price.

The instrument has two high-output humbucker pickups which many prefer to single-coil pickups.

This makes the Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar well-suited for rock, metal, and blues genres.

This instrument also features a three-way pickup selector switch, allowing the player to choose between the neck pickup, the bridge pickup, or a combination of the two.

This feature is great for experimenting with different sounds and finding the right tone for a particular song or style.

In addition to its versatility, the Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar is known for its clear and balanced sound.

The guitar’s construction features a solid alder body, a bolt-on maple neck, and a rosewood fingerboard.

The Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar is a versatile instrument suitable for various genres.

Its humbucker pickups provide a range of tonal options, while its construction produces a clear and balanced sound.

Reviews and Community Reception

So, how does the Heartbreaker Guitar stack up against other guitars on the market?

Overall, the music community has well-received the Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar.

It has been praised for its design, playability, and affordability.

Many female musicians have appreciated the effort Daisy Rock Guitars has put into making guitars that are more comfortable and accessible for women.

The Heartbreaker Guitar is a solid option for female musicians looking for a guitar that is designed with them in mind.

Of course, it won’t stack up against higher-priced professional-level instruments, but it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a fun, used guitar at a reasonable price point.

Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar: Conclusion

The final verdict? Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Guitar is a good instrument for the price that caters to young female guitar players.

Designed with a lightweight and comfortable body, this guitar is easy to play and produces a solid sound.

With its unique heart-shaped body and fun color choices, the Daisy Rock Heartbreaker guitar is great for female guitarists who want to stand out on stage.

If you’re shopping for a young female guitarist or looking for a fun instrument at a reasonable price, you may want to look into the Daisy Rock Heartbreaker guitar.

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