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Garage rock is a genre known for its high energy and simple musical structures. It’s so simple, in fact, that the name comes from the genre seeming simple enough that amateurs could pull off this sound in their parents’ garage. 

Obviously, plenty of professionals popularized the sound of this genre. 

However, the name stuck.  

So I recommend trying to come up with a simple word that captures the spirit of this genre and the heart of your band.

Then plug that word into the generator to see what comes up!

Popular garage rock band names include:

  • The Pleasure Seekers 
  • The Electric Prunes
  • The Bees

Use the tool above to get even more ideas of garage band names!

But know that the tool uses words from several popular garage bands to generate potential names for your band.

So I don’t recommend putting a garage band’s name into the tool because then you might get some duplicate name ideas!

Try looking up some of your favorite garage music lyrics to see if a word sticks out to you there.

And if you’re still having trouble coming up with a word to put in the garage band name generator, try coming up with something your bandmates have in common.

For instance, if you’re all from a particular city, you could throw that city in the generator.

Don’t overthink it, and feel free to hit generate as many times as you need to find something you like!

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