The Best Case for Your Mando-Guitar [2023 Guide]

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Like all instruments, mando-guitars can be fragile, and for this reason, I recommend using a case to transport your instrument.

I’ve owned an F-6 Goldtone Mando Guitar since 2019, and I have been very pleased with the hard case that comes with it.

That said, there are other case options for the mando-guitar that are worth mentioning.

Nobody wants to worry about if their instrument will be ok while taking a road trip or flight.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure (or for a gig in part of your world tour ;), it’s important to have a case for your instrument.

And just like with instruments themselves, there are different sorts of cases to consider.

When it comes to the mando-guitar, the primary factor to consider for a case is the body shape of the instrument.

If you read my post about the differences in mando-guitars, you’ll know that there are two different body types.

To summarize, mando-guitars, like mandolins, can come in an A-Body, or an F-Body shape.

And in case you were wondering, A and F aren’t references to chords!

The basic difference between A and F style mando-guitars is the intricacy in the design of the instruments.

To be specific, the F-Body is more ornate and decorative than the A-Body.

The F-Body has what are called points and a scroll which decorate the body (and also affects the choice possibilities of straps.)

A quick glance at the GoldTone Mando-Guitar selection will show you what I mean by these differences in body type.

The F-6 has an F-Body and six strings.

The F-12 has an F-Body and twelve strings; doubled up in a similar way as a traditional mandolin with paired strings.

And the A-6 has the teardrop shape common on many mandolins.

Even if your mando-guitar isn’t a Goldtone, it will likely fall into one of the two standard categories of F or A shape.

Soft Mando-Guitar Case/Mando-Guitar Gig Bag

Most instrumentalists agree that a soft instrument case should provide enough protection for local travel.

And if you purchased the A-6 mando-guitar from Goldtone, they provide a soft case.

I purchased the slightly more expensive F-6 mando-guitar that comes with a hard case.

So I’m not quite sure how this soft case looks or functions, particularly because Goldtone doesn’t have an image of this soft case or indicate the specs for it (unlike the F-6 hard case which has an image on their website).

That said, know that your instrument will come with a soft case if you purchase the A-6 from Goldtone.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in a soft case/gig bag not from Goldtone, check out this padded mandola gig bag.

(Remember that the mando-guitar has a mandola body which is slightly larger than the mandolin body.

Therefore, a soft case for the mandola should fit a mando-guitar as should a hard case provided that hard case is the same shape as the instrument – A or F.)

This padded mandola gig bag should fit either F or A shape mando-guitar.

Hard Shell Mando-Guitar Case

If you’re going on a longer trip, and especially if you’re traveling by plane, I recommend a hard case.

The reason I recommend a hard case is because you never know how carefully (or not) your airline luggage could be handled!

The good news is, the most popular mando-guitar manufacturer, Goldtone, provides a hard case with an F shape mando-guitar purchase.

Like I mentioned in the introduction, I’ve been very pleased with this mando-guitar case.

However, if you bought a second-hand Goldtone mando-guitar, a mando-guitar from another manufacturer, or you just don’t have that hard case, you may still be able to purchase one.


I actually haven’t found a goldtone hard case for sale for the F-6 or F-12 and I don’t think they manufacture a hard case specifically for the A shape mando-guitar.

However, I’ve called the folks at Goldtone, and they are friendly and accommodating.

In fact, I gave them a call about this very issue, and they said they would be happy to sell me a hard shell mando-guitar case for their F shape instruments!

At the time I called, they said they didn’t have an extra one to sell.

But they told me to call back periodically to check their inventory.

So if you’re interested in purchasing a hard case from Gold Tone, give them a call: 1-800-826-5482.

On the other hand, if you have an A-shape mando-guitar, you might try Big Muddy Mandolin‘s hard case.

Big Muddy Mandolin’s advertise that their cases should fit a mandola (which is the size of the A-shape mando-guitar).

Where else can I find a mando-guitar case?

Because mando-guitars are so unique, it’s challenging to find many cases designed specifically for this instrument.

Thus, you’re left with getting a case directly from the instrument manufacturer like Goldtone, or trying to make a generic case work like the mandola gig bag I recommended above.

That said, you may be able to find a mando-guitar and mando-guitar case at your local instrument dealer.


If you travel frequently, I highly recommend purchasing a hard case for your instrument.

Otherwise, a soft case or gig bag will do the trick.

Though there are certain people who just prefer the safety of a hard case, they have the downside of being heavier.

And a soft case, though lighter, is not as protective.

Do you have more questions about cases for the mando-guitar?

Let me know in the comments!

Happy playing!

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