The Best Guitalele Case for Your Instrument in 2023

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If you’re looking for a guitalele case, this post is for you!

I’ve been a guitar player since 2003, a ukulele player since 2011, and a guitalele player since 2019.

In short, I know a bit about the guitalele and related instruments and will do my best to help you find a good case for your guitalele!

My Caramel guitalele came with a soft case, but not a hard case.

So, although I don’t currently own a hardshell case for my instrument, I’m in the market for one.

Thus, I decided to go ahead and share my research on cases here on the blog.

Let’s get to it.

What to Know Before Purchasing a Guitalele Case

Because the guitalele is somewhat of a novelty instrument, there aren’t many cases designed specifically for it.

That said, as I mentioned in my guitalele vs baritone ukulele article, the guitalele and baritone ukulele usually have almost identical dimensions.

Thus, you can typically use a baritone ukulele case for your guitalele.

I’ll discuss this more in the sections below.

Gig Bags

That’s me playing my Caramel guitalele in the video above.

If you purchase a Caramel guitalele like mine, one of the most popular guitalele brands on Amazon, your instrument may come with a soft case.

This is probably the easiest way to get a case since Caramel’s guitalele bundles also come with some other helpful accessories at a competitive price.

However, if you are just looking for a soft case or your instrument didn’t come with one, there are still plenty of options.

In fact, the soft cases that often come with instrument bundles aren’t typically as robust as a separately sold gig bag.

Gig bags usually have more padding, better zippers, more and better pockets, and an overall sturdier design than a soft case from a bundle.

So even if you have a soft case, you might consider upgrading to a gig bag.

Gig bags are great for traveling short distances with your instrument.

For instance, if you plan on bringing your guitalele to a local hangout with friends, a gig bag is probably sufficient protection for your instrument.

But if you’re traveling further than that, and especially if you’re traveling by plane, I recommend a hard-shell case for your instrument.

Music First sells one of the only soft case gig bags made specifically for the guitalele on Amazon.

They have both a 28 – 29 inch and a 30 – 31 inch version of this gig bag.

For reference, you probably want to purchase a gig bag that’s about an inch longer than your instrument.

So Music First’s smaller gig bag would probably be fine for an instrument like Yamaha’s guitalele.

But if you have a larger guitalele like the Caramel instruments, I recommend the larger 30 – 31 inch gig bag.

Also, Music First has a denim version of its guitalele case if you don’t want the multi-colored version linked above.

In fact, there are more than a few soft cases that work for the guitalele if you search Amazon for guitalele soft case.

I just mentioned the most popular ones in this section.

Hard Shell Cases for the Guitalele

Like I mentioned above, baritone ukes and guitaleles typically have nearly identical dimensions.

That’s good news for those looking for a guitalele hard case because that means most baritone uke hard cases will work with your instrument!

This baritone uke case is highly rated, features backpack straps, a lock, and everything you need in a hardshell case.

Plus, most guitaleles should fit snugly in it.

This is another popular 30-inch baritone uke case that comes with backpack straps, a velvet interior, and a tough exterior designed to weather the elements.

You can also check out some other options by searching for baritone ukulele hard cases on Amazon.

However, I have linked to the most popular options likely to be in stock above.

I think a hardshell case is a must for any moderately serious musician.

The security, protection, and peace of mind a hardshell case offers are totally worth it to me!


I think every musician should eventually have both a soft and hard case for their instrument if they are transporting it occasionally.

It’s not worth the stress of potentially damaging the instrument otherwise.

To that end, I hope this post has helped you decide which accessory is best for your guitalele!

And of course, feel free to ask questions in the comments if there’s something I didn’t cover!

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