Breedlove Vs Seagull: Which Guitar Brand Is Better? (2023 Guide)

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If you’re curious about Breedlove vs Seagull guitar brands and how they compare, you’ve come to the right post!

I love comparing guitar brands on my blog.

And since I’ve played the guitar starting in 2003, I’ve had several years to play many different brands and see what I think of them.

So although I definitely have my preferences, I’ll try to keep this as objective as possible.

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A Closer Look at the Brands


Breedlove is an Oregon-based acoustic guitar brand that started its work back in 1990. They’re mostly known for their US-made stuff. However, they also manufacture cheaper models made in China and Korea.

In most cases, their products are in the mid to high-priced territory. But no matter the price tier, musicians are typically satisfied with what they get for the money.

Aside from regular 6-string guitars, Breedlove also makes 12-strings, ukuleles, and acoustic basses. There was even a brief period when they manufactured electric guitars, mandolins, and lap steel guitars.

They brought some innovative features to acoustic guitar lovers. For instance, we got their slightly unusual yet very useful soft cutaway. In fact, they had it from the very beginning.

Another thing that they’re famous for is the sheer number of new models. Those who are into their guitars have a hard time keeping track of new stuff. With that said, it’s obvious that innovation and change are important to them.

Aside from this cutaway design, there are also two very distinct features on their guitars. First, they have unique body and headstock designs. And, secondly, their instruments come with a pinless bridge design.

This means that you don’t put the ball-end of the string into the body and use a pin to hold it in place. Instead, the bridge has holes on the back. You slide them through the bridge as you would on some electric guitars.

In case you want to find out more about pinless bridges, check out this guide:

Breedlove Guitars: How to string up a guitar with a pinless bridge

Some series also come with special features. This even includes a soundhole on the upper side, aimed directly at the player.

Most Notable Breedlove Guitar Models

So let’s take a closer look at their arsenal. Their top models are manufactured in the US. And the five top-tier series are called Oregon, Legacy, Premier, Masterclass, and Signature.

These are all pro-level instruments. They also offer custom details and features to these models. This isn’t a surprise as these series are all hand-crafted. But the main model traits are still there.

Here are some of the most important models of these series:

  • Oregon Concert CE
  • Oregon Concertina CE
  • Premier Concert CE
  • Premier Concertina CE

And then we have the cheaper outsourced and imported variants. As I mentioned, these are manufactured in China and Korea. And there’s a total of four series. These are Discovery, Pursuit, Organic, and Solo.

The Solo series comes with the aforementioned soundhole on the top side design. This makes it a great choice for lead players, or just those who play with louder accompaniment.

Now, there might be some prejudices about outsourced instruments. However, these Breedlove series are actually pretty great. They’re certainly not of the quality of their Oregon series, but they’re more than worth the price.

The lowest-priced ones are usually just below the $400 mark. But, in my opinion, they work better than most brands within this price category.

Actor Jeff Bridges even has a signature model with them. Here’s a closer look at that one:

Breedlove Jeff Bridges Oregon Concerto Bourbon CE Myrtlewood-Myrtlewood


Seagull guitars have been around since 1982. From its very beginning, it was a subsidiary brand of Godin Guitars, started by Robert Godin in Canada.

Their important distinction is the headstock design. You will notice that they appear slightly narrower, but also with a moderately triangular shape. This helps strings stay in a straighter line after passing over the nut.

It’s not completely straight, but it’s certainly an improvement. The feature helps with tuning stability and it’s something that players love about Seagull guitars.

However, for the most part, their body design and other features are in line with conventional practices. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily make them average, they’re just predominantly traditional in design.

But at the same time, they still manage to implement some innovative features. I’d say that they’re a good blend of tradition and innovation.

One trait that sets them apart from most other brands is body reinforcement. Although they appear like most other acoustic guitars, they have stronger construction. This includes thicker top wood, as well as stronger bracing.

They’ve also brought in some innovations. Although, for the most part, they have traditional body shapes, Seagull tried other stuff. For instance, they’ve started making their guitars with the compound curve top. This means that they’re just slightly curved. It keeps the structure stronger, and it also affects the tone.

Most Notable Seagull Guitar Models

There’s an abundance of models in their collection. They have a total of six series. These are:

  • CoastLine
  • Artist
  • Entourage
  • Maritime SWS
  • S6
  • Performer Flame Maple

All of these series also feature different body shapes. But it’s usually just slightly modified classic stuff. We have dreadnaught and concert hall, along with cutaway variants. Then there’s also the mini jumbo as the most unusual one.

Here are some of the most interesting models:

  • Artist Tuxedo
  • Artist Mosaic
  • Maritime SWS
  • S6 Original

But no matter the series or the model, they’re all manufactured in Canada. This can be a great advantage to many as Canadian-made stuff has proven to be really reliable. And, above all, they’re not even that expensive. At least considering the qualities that you get.

Here’s a closer look into the classic S6 dreadnaught model:

Seagull Original S6 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Demo

Breedlove Vs Seagull: How Do They Compare?

Before I get into comparisons, you simply can’t go wrong with either of these brands. Build quality, tone, and playability are all there. Even their cheapest lines are solid.

What I also want to point out is that both Breedlove and Seagull have innovative features. However, they’re visually more noticeable on Breedlove guitars. And, Breedloves’ features are also bolder.

After all, the pinless design, the cutaway, and the soundhole on the top side are pretty wild. But, at the same time, they keep all the necessary qualities.

Meanwhile, Seagull guitars lean towards the traditional stuff. Sure, they do have some serious modifications. However, these are all just enhancing the traditional features, so to speak.

One of the biggest advantages of Seagull guitars, in my opinion, is the headstock design. Plenty say that this design has improved tuning stability.

On the other hand, it’s obvious that Breedlove guitars are unconventional. But, along with that come improved ergonomic qualities. In fact, they’re really comfortable and easy to play.

Breedlove Vs Seagull: Which One Should I Get?

First off, no matter the genre, both brands are super useful. It just comes down to what you prefer. With that said, Breedlove might be a better match for lead players. Whether it’s rock, jazz, blues, or even acoustic parts in metal songs, they work really well.

Meanwhile, Seagulls make more traditional, general-purpose guitars perhaps better suited for rhythm. You might think of them as a less famous Martin, but with some unique qualities of course.

Overall, I’d recommend Seagull as a general-purpose guitar brand. Although Breedlove guitars can be versatile too, they seem better suited for lead players. Seagull is all over the place. And their instruments are a great choice for anyone who plays a wider variety of genres and both rhythm and lead parts.


I hope this article has helped you think through some of the differences between these brands!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about these brands or another guitar-related subject!

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